Credit cards the safe money

Credit cards have changed the whole scenario of the market. There are a huge number of advantages that credit cards have over the paper money and that are why people find it safe to keep a sleek credit card rather than a bundle of cash in their pockets.

Almost every bank provides the credit card facility at the time you open the account with the bank. And people too prefer to carry the credit cards in their wallets over the cash money. This plastic money has a huge number of advantages that has made it hugely popular these days. Each bank offers a range of credit cards according to the different profiles of the customer. The credit card offered ranges from the entry level silver card to high end platinum and titanium. The banks try to woo their customers by offering a number of lucrative deals with the credit card that includes deals with restaurants, airlines, oil companies and many more. Credit cards india are now a day’s also offering to convert your purchases into EMI and this helps the customer to make large purchases and conveniently pay in equated monthly installments.

Credit cards also offer an interest free period of around fifty days for payment of dues that enables you to plan your shopping and other expenses. In addition to this you also earn reward points every time you use your credit card for any payment that may be redeemed at a later point of time for various gifts. Credit card also provides you with a facility of payments of your electricity, water or telephones bills and once you are registered for this service, all the bills are directly charged to you credit and you don’t have to bother to stand in long queues for payments of these necessary services. Credit card also has a major advantage over cash in terms of safety and security. You may immediately block your credit in case you lose the same and the card will be immediately blocked by the bank, thereby preventing any misuse. Whereas in case of cash, once you lose it, it is lost and anyone can use the cash. Credit cards have actually made a huge impact in lives of a common and have given freedom to spend when they are short of cash and you don’t have lose out on a good deal just because you are short of cash at that point of time.

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